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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Richie Rich's SSS Treat 02102013

I love everything and anything that happened today. It started great then dull and then great again! My best bud JP told me that he's Richie Rich today that's why he decided to give me a treat to one of his favorite fast food chain which is Karate Kid.

I've been wondering for several years now as to what is being served in Karate Kid. Since SM City Clark was put up, I simply pass by this fast food chain for so long until today(deadma lang).

My friend JP took care of the order and on his list was his favorite Beef Tepanyaki, Sizzling Tofu Steak, and Kido Punch Tea. They serve unlimited rice and unlimited Kido Punch Tea which is probably one of their strategies to attract customers. As to how I see it, their menu is quite affordable and the taste is just right.

My stomach got really full up until I got home by 8:00PM as I had 2.5 cups of rice. Yup, you heard it right; I never thought I was that hungry. Next time, I will definitely suggest this fast food chain to my other friends especially if we're on a tight budget. Trying their other menu would be a great idea as well.

After our early dinner, we decided to watch a movie at Jenra Grand Mall. We chose to watch STILL, a Thai movie which is sort of like a Shake, Rattle and Roll film. Guess what?! The price of the ticket is only for P25. I wonder if they still gain profit as their air conditioning units are full blast. Goodluck with their electricity expenses. PEACE! :-)

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