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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Go Green 2012 made me win!

"The feeling of winning is greater especially when you experienced losing many times!"

February 22, 2012 is definitely a date to remember for me because --- guess what? I won an iPod Touch(4th generation). There's this contest at work wherein you'll just have to suggest what methods are you going to implement to reduce the carbon footprint in your workplace. The moment they have sent the email contest notification, an idea already popped into my mind and readily sent my entry. Have you guess what it is? I suggested to have an Earth Hour daily for non essential lights to be turned of an hour or more. This will greatly help in reducing the carbon footprint in our workplace and saving electricity costs as well.

I consider 2012 to be my luckiest year to date. I have won many prizes and this is one of the grandest. What's cool about year 2012 is that I won gift certificates, kettle, microwave oven, etc. One of the best prizes I've won is a pair of maroon-colored X-mini Max capsule speakers - a perfect partner for my iPod Touch. Imagine that? I was supposed to buy those stuff and I got them for free. :-)

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