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Sunday, June 21, 2009

..laCosTe 75tH aNnivErsaRy LimiTed eDitiOn waTcH

It's been almost a year since Lacoste celebrated their 75th anniversary and they launched this watch as part of their celebration. When I first saw this on the newspaper, I immediately fell in love with it. In fact, it is still part of my must have list along with the other watches by Philip Stein. Lacoste only made 750 pieces limited edition of this watch. The watch has leather deployment buckle strap and unique aperture with appearing disc dial. Engraved at the back of each watch are the numbers 001 to 750.

Just now, I went to ebay.com and ebay.ph trying and hoping that I could check for any possible auction for one or more pieces of this watch. I actually found one it was numbered 152 out of 750. Right as of this time the current bid is a bit more than P16,000.00 and there's an option to buy it now for P18,000.00. I wish I have that money so that I could finally have one.

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  1. I actually own a lacoste 75th anniversary watch as i work for lacoste i bought it as an investment and has never been worn. It has all the manual and stickers still left on the watch it has only been out of its box once!

    If anyone is interested in buying it off me please get in touch as i wish to sell this wonderful timepiece with great regret.

    If you are interested email me:


    I will answer any questions or any queries about the product.


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