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Friday, August 30, 2013

Sunrise by the park

Beautiful sunrise by the Bayanihan Park/Parade Grounds. A nice day to jog along with a very special friend. :-)

It's one of the most amazing time of the day - that is waiting for the sun to rise and shine. With a good set of camera, you can capture the roundness and rays of the sun. This photo was taken using only my iPhone 4 and edited through Snapseed. Edits made were mostly on contrast and brightness to emphasize on the beauty of the subject.

Well, how many sunrise or sunset have you witnessed? As for me, I can count those times using my fingers on my hands. Actually, one hand will suffice. When you see the sun rise, you'll feel like a brand new day has come. Like you are being energized by the rays of the sun; similar to wirelessly charging your phone's battery. Match it up with early morning jog and you'll definitely feel alive more than ever.

What brought me to the park is because I needed to unwind and had to have time to do some thinking. I'm too stressed out with how life punches it's deadly blows straight to my face. I suddenly felt drained out so this was the best idea that my friend/sister Yin can come up with.

I brought with me my jumping rope. I admit it, never in my life have I used a jumping rope. A very long time ago, I bought one for myself but never gave it a chance to serve its purpose. Just recently, my brother sent me one and it was just lying around my room. I couldn't find the right amount of space where I can freely used it without destroying anything from vases, to light bulbs, etc.

At first, I was very skeptical if I can even jump before the rope catches my feet. Practice, practice, practice - from making one jump, to three, another three, then five, then back to one and so on. Yin and I also tried to jump together as we swing the rope simultaneously making 3 spins to 5, to 10. It was definitely exhausting because even if we jogged around the parade ground just once, the jumping rope made it like 3 times the workout. I wonder when can we jog together again? I guess I'll have to wait until my next stress to come. PEACE! :-)

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