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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tree Huggers

Along the stretch of Mc Arthur Highway City of San Fernando Pampanga are Acasia trees that are planted on the sides of the road. They act as shade and guide for travelers. Just a few months back, PGMA and Mayor Atienza of DENR planned on a project for road widening and they requested for these trees to be cut down. I think they were exorcised by demons that's why they thought about that plan.

What keeps me wondering is their lame reason on why they had to cut down these trees. They said it is because they intend road widening as a solution to huge toll fees in the Expressway. Why don't they lessen the cost of toll fee rates instead and keep these Acasia trees that has been up for almost 50 years? I hate them for being so corrupt. In addition to that, these kind of things should be communicated with the Fernandinos and asked for approval. Not like trying to do all they want.

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