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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lots'a Pizzarrific Treat 07122013

Okay, here's the thing. My bestfriend's bag which has all his valuables in it like wallet with cash, valid IDs, cellphone etc., was taken by an unidentified individual at their gym. We went to a Notary Public to file an Affidavit of Loss for his lost valuables. Just beside the Law office, there's this Lots'a Pizza branch. We both decided to eat pizza and pastas.

The place is good. It is located in Fields Avenue, Angeles City just beside Mini Stop. The food was okay and affordable, and they have promos from time to time. I also saw one of my former colleagues at work, she was with her husband and was there to claim their prize. They've won cellphones from the previous promo draw. My bestfriend and I suddenly thought, "Woah, so these promos and prizes are true". Better luck next time. PEACE! :3

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