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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gee Shak Yun 04122013

It's my second time at Mr. Ramyun and yet again, I still am excited with what they have to offer. I love the rice ball so much! That's one constant item on my order list. I've been thinking, what ingredients do I have to buy in order for me to create one for myself. Mr. Google could most probably help me out with my question.

This time around, we've tried this dish, an intestine looking skewered with barbecue stick, dipped in soup thing. Not really my type though. I'm clueless whether it is meat, dough, or veggie meat etc. I'd ask the cashier next time just to be sure.

I was surprised to see my bestfriend JP wearing his genuine G-SHOCK watch. I want a genuine G-SHOCK watch as well because what I have right now is a high end replica as shown above. Hope someone gives me my dream G-SHOCK watch this Christmas. PEACE! :-)

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