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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Home Visit 14112013

Yes, it's a home visit at my home. Someone just recovered from sickness due to dengue. Funny thing is, it wasn't anyone in my family who got sick but a friend of mine who is pretty much considered as a brother to me. Our friend Victor had another dengue incident and the rest of my barkada were not able to visit him at the hospital due to the recent typhoon, an other unforeseen errands.

Few days after he got out, my bestfriend Ria texted him and planned in meeting up with him and so it happened. We went to meet up, went to Nepo Mall and bought Belgian Waffles, went to our house after and cooked Korean noodles. And the long conversation went on. We've missed each other. Just like the old times back when we were in college. Good to have their back as always! :-)

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