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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Infinity Blade freebies

Guess how I got these freebies?!

More than a year ago, ChAIR Entertainment based in the United States gave me these awesome gears. A pair of iPhone cases; black and white, an Infinity Blade T-shirt, and the book, Infinity Blade: Awakening.

The reason why I got these items is because these are complimentary gifts from the inconvenience I had after reaching more than Level 80 of the game. My saved game file suddenly got corrupted, be it through iPhone or iPod Touch. I emailed ChAIR Entertainment, and at first they were not responding for more than a week. Then I sent a second email telling them how disappointing their services can be for not replying promptly to me.

I play this game day and night and sometimes lack sleep as I got addicted to playing it. Finally, ChAIR Entertainment replied after a day and then asked me to do some stuff on my root folder. However, I failed to locate the file they were asking for. They told me that I will no longer be able to retrieve my data and had to start back to zero level. Thus, as an avid gamer, they gave me these items.

Thanks ChAIR Entertainment and Infinity Blade team for these awesome gears! Hoping to have the Infinity Blade III game soon. :-)

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