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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Teapot Milktea House presents

Finally, I was able to go to Teapot Milktea House. I've been seeing this Milktea House for quite a while and wonder how it is being served and how it tastes.

My bestfriend Ria and I were craving for isaw today. However, the Barbecue House is not open until 5:30PM. We decided to try out Teapot Milktea House and ordered Watermelon with Crystals and Blueberry Milk Tea with Strawberry Popping Bubba. These two drinks are their best seller according to the lady in the cashier. They also serve Wrap&Roll breads with different flavors like ham and cheese, beef taco, etc. Their menu is so affordable, the milk tea costs only about P60-P70 and the wrap&roll for only P20. I'd give them 8/10 rating.

I liked my order very much. The strawberry popping bubba are a cool way to enjoy your favorite milk tea. They are capsule-like pearls wherein they burst the strawberry flavor when you pop them open. It's similar to that of roe used on California Maki's just that there 100 times bigger.

If you happen to drop by L&S Subdivision one time, do check out on this milktea house. :-)

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