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Saturday, September 14, 2013

REVEL BARS - my ultimate favorite

REVEL BARS. Since when was the last time you ate one? Mine was about 26 days ago. It was specially baked by Coy, who is a close friend of mine. His recipé is my favorite among the ones that I've tasted. When you say the word REVEL BAR, he's probably the first person that will pop into my mind and then tell you to buy a box or two from him. Believe me, though I may sound bias, you'll love them too. :-)

I was first introduced to REVEL BARS back in college. They sell them in a convenience store in front of Angeles University Foundation. Though I find the name REVEL BAR to be attractive, I never attempted to buy one. The first time I got to taste one was in Northern Brew located in Villa Angela Subdivision. Immediately, my taste buds gave in and from then on, they became my favorite snacks or desserts.

Few years have passed and I never really got another taste of them. I was however lucky because our concessionaire at work started selling revel bars along with other breads that you can eat. They sell them P25 each and at first they tasted good, but after few weeks, they started to taste a bit bad. For me, the price was not right because their slices are too thin.

At one time, a colleague of mine at work started selling cookies and brownies and I was told that he sell revel bars as well. I said to him, okay let me taste them. They were a box of three costing P25 each and then I told myself: "I got my money's worth." From then on, he supplies me one box a week. That was two to three months before I submitted my resignation to our company. I must admit I miss them in a way.

After two months of not eating revel bars, one of my aunts, a close friend of mom gave her a box of revel bars by Purple Oven. I got really excited to finally be able to taste them once again. Okay, I'm guilty of a crime - I'm the one who had the biggest share out of the box of 18. That's probably like 12 out of 18. Well, that's how bad I'm addicted to this luscious treat.

Just today, Coy and I decided to purchase the ingredients of his Revel Bar recipé though he forgot the recipé itself. It guess we'll have to do a raincheck on baking a batch. I told him that's fine, at least we don't have to worry about the ingredients come next week. I feel so excited for next Sunday. Finally, I'll learn how to bake my ultimate favorite. Maybe then, I'll set up my own bakery, huh? Peace! :-)

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