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Thursday, March 3, 2011

McDonalds Nepo Mart Branch now open!

Another branch of McDonalds in Angeles City just opened recently. That's a total of five franchised stores here in Angeles City. Among these stores, the newly opened branch in Nepo Mart is my favorite even though I haven't been there yet.

One reason why it's my favorite is because of the cool ambience. Since it's franchised, it will be the usual menu that will be served, but just outside, it sets the difference. Most probably, the owner is a nature lover. You'll see chinese bamboo, birds of paradise, plants, plants, more plants and a fountain. The water that draws out of the hose and meet in the middle and shapes like M and obviously stands for McDonald's.

I wonder what it's like during night. That fountain will look great if colored lights illuminate the water strokes to emphasize on what it wants to reveal. That is, the letter M. I might as well try to visit this branch one of these days - or nights. :-)

Do you see the huge building in the background? That's one of the very reason as to why this McDonald's Nepo Mart branch was put up. It is said that the building will be occupied by a Business Process Outsourcing company. Thus, a great starting point to increase income once the outsourcing company opens up.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement.

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