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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Siam House 26032011

My friends and I had a get together today because finally after two straight years, one of our friends went home for a vacation. We really missed seeing her, and when we saw her it was like "College days".

My bestfriend finally had her wish come true when we decided to dine in at a Thai Restaurant. Months before, my bestfriend was asking me if I know a restaurant which serves Thai cuisine. It so happen that my officemate knew one, so I suggested it to her.

Here are some of the foodies that we ate at Siam House in Fields Avenue, Angeles City.

Pad Thai

The number one on your list should be Pad Thai. It is made of flat noodles with shrimps, pork, bean sprouts and finely chopped peanuts which makes it so delicious!
Spicy Soup

This spicy soup has tomatoes, chicken bits, ginger, chili, onions and leeks. I won't go for this if I were you. ^^
Binagoongan Rice

I love this binagoongan rice! It has shrimps, scrambled eggs, raw mangoes, bagoong and rice.
Fish Cakes

This one's fried fish with spicy sauce. Try it!
Oriental Spinach

Young Corn and Pork

Iced Tea

Sauted oriental spinach with shrimps. In simple term, kangkong with shrimps.

Sauted young corn with pork, shrimps, bell pepper, onions. ^^

Regular iced tea but I love it!
My friends

We ended up going to MarQuee mall after, then at Cioccolo near Grand Palazzo Royale. Haha! Went home at around 12 midnight the next day! ^^

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