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Monday, March 28, 2011

NATGEO Earth Day Run

Arrrggghh! I've been thinking really hard if I'll sign up for this or not. I already had a chance to sign up yesterday but I was having second thoughts if I will be able to finish it. The only ones open for online registration until yesterday were the 10k and the 21k run. It's going to be my first time if I'll be joining this race and I will need to condition my body ifever.

I'm hoping my friend gets to sign me up for that 10k run so I could still take part for the said race.

I regret the moment I let this chance passed. Anyway, I still have until April 3, 2011 to sign up via Green Belt 3 cash registration. I'm not sure if I could go there once my schedule changes to Friday -  Saturday rest day but it's going to be okay because the shirts being given to participants are limited edition.

Hoping to join the run in next year's race!

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