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Monday, March 14, 2011

Lassie the Hopdog

This is my dog Lassie. She's one of the two dogs who guards our house. I probably should call her Hopdog because she always hop on us when we go out in our backyard. Even if we are all dressed up like when we go to work, she wouldn't care if we would have a mark of her feet.

We already had a dog named Lassie after the character in a dog movie. Actually, I wasn't the one who named her like that. Her name was given by her original owner. I had the habit of naming our dogs from the time they are given to us. Tell you what, the two dogs we have right now were pre-named by their owner that is why we didn't bother to change their existing names.

I'm also glad that both dogs are in pefect health. I love them both for that even if they're quite afraid of me. haha! I wish I could find some time to bathe them. Those ticks are really annoying especially when they crawl in the wall of our house. Yaiks!

Lassie the hopdog, I guess I should buy a choke chain and teach her to behave. PEACE :-)

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