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Friday, March 11, 2011

Huge Lots SALE.

Huge Lots SALE. All Must Go ASAP. $60 shipping not included (negotiable).

All must go by the end of the week. $60 shipping not included.

I am currently cleaning out and downsizing my Personal Action Figure Collectibles. This includes Marvel Legends, Marvel Legends Build-A-Figures Pieces, Transformers, Spawn, Mcfarlane Toys, Marvel Select, Marvel Universe 3.75", Star Wars. Comes from a smoke free, pet free home. Great for Customizing figures.
If you're interested please email me.


Method of Payment is CASH ONLY and US Buyers ONLY.
PLEASE Email in a way that I could reach you and I'll reply back as soon as possible.

Items for SALE:

McFarlane Toys:
-McFarlane Toys Super Stage Figures Janis Joplin with psychedelic base MIP 2000 - $10.00
-SPAWN MEDIEVAL SPAWN 3 CLASSIC SERIES 20 --loose figure, with axe, missing shield, figure is fine or better condition. Approximately 7" tall. -$10.00

-Transformers Reveal The Shield MINDSET -- loose figure with instruction manual - $8.00
-Transformers Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime -- it only comes with the figure, it's missing his matrix and super mode parts, but still in good condition and great for customs and replacement parts. - $ 8.00

Marvel Universe / Iron Man 2 3.75" FIGURES (Complete Accessories) - $5.00/each
-Iron Man 2 Mark 2
-Iron Man 2 Mark 3
-Iron Man 2 Mark 4
-Iron Man 2 Mark 5
-Iron Man 2 Mark 6
-Iron Man 2 Hulkbuster
-MU Constrictor

Marvel Legends (Loose figures):
-Marvel Legends X3 Colossus from Brood Queen Series - $7.00
-Marvel Legends X3 Colossus from Movie - $7.00
-Marvel Legends X3 Cyclops - $7.00
-Marvel Legends X3 Juggernaut - $7.00
-Marvel Legends Human Torch from Ares wave - $10.00
-Marvel Legends Ultimate Warmachine from Ares wave -- $10.00
-Marvel Legends Abomination from Hulk Movie figure - $10.00
-Marvel Legends Iron Monger from Iron Man 1 movie - $10.00

Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Pieces:
-Marvel Legends Series 9 Galactus LEFT Leg, LOWER torso, Right arm - $15.00
-Marvel Legends Series 14 Mojo BELLY piece - $5.00
-Marvel Legends Series 10 Sentinel LOWER Torso - $6.00
-Marvel Legends Series 18 Brood Queen Head piece - $5.00
-Marvel Legends Ares Head and Left Arm - $10.00

Marvel Select Days of Future Past Wolverine Loose Complete - $10.00

Pre-Marvel Legends/universe 5" loose - $3.00
-Invisible Woman - $1.00
-Marvel Alpha Flight Twins Northstar and Aurora - $2.00

Star Wars 3.75" Loose
-Darth Maul Complete with Accessories - $ 5.00

Thank You.

NOTE: US Buyer Only. I prefer CASH for payment.

Thanks alot. Just need the money for some reasonable reasons.. hit me up with a message if your interested. Thank you and Take care!

Disclaimer: All texts and videos on this posts belongs to my friend Carlo. Just helping him out selling these stuff.

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