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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GTA Vice City Stories - Cheat Maps

Are you a GRAND THEFT AUTO(GTA) fan? Here's a treat for you. These are the maps for getting full life(heart symbol), (medicine symbol), armor(vest symbol), rampage(skull symbol), unlock weapon by bursting balloons(balloon symbols), and my favorite - bribe/lose the cops(star symbol).

GTA is a role-playing game set in a virtual city. When you're able to finish a mission, you'll get items like clothes, money, unlock other missions or cities, recognition, etc.

I've been playing GTA for so long yet I haven't finished any. I started with GTA Liberty City Stories which was good but it got me stuck in one of the missions. Then I installed Vice City Stories on my PSP. Unfortunately, I got stuck with one of the missions as well. It's not time to give up though, there's still a lot of other missions that I need to play to beat the game. Happy playing :-)

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