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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cute Teddy

My friend Porsh posted these cute picture of her dog on Facebook and I really love them. Not only that I made one of Teddy's picture a wallpaper on my phone, but I asked my friend if I can post these pictures on my blog. Well, Teddy, be good, I know Porshee loves you so much.

Porshee, any news about Tamper? Harbor..

Teddy munching his favorite treat.

Oh dear, wanna play?

Nice pose for facebook profile picture.

Getting bored already with his book.

Ahh.. Teddy fell asleep while reading his book.


  1. Teddy is sooo adorable, he is such a sweet heart! I think he loves being photographed hahaha

  2. yup, he is ate. wish I could have a dog like him ^^;


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