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Saturday, April 10, 2010

tHe gHosT cOmpOsEr

I was browsing my Facebook page when suddenly I saw this advertisement about Quentin Fielding. It says "Journey into the world of inspirational piano". I then immediately opened the link and checked out his fan page and was so overwhelmed that a sample music or piano instrumental can be  played.

Hearing the first few notes where without a doubt inspirational. I immediately clicked on "Become a Fan" button because I know there's more of his music that I need to hear and enjoy. Today was my first time to hear about him and his compositions but I can say that I feel connected with his music. 

My Internet connection was really slow but I waited for the music file to buffer just to hear some of his music posts. Expressing something you want to say in a musical composition is one way of letting the other person feel or hear what you want to say. Music is a universal language no matter what medium you use. I guess Quentin will agree with me.

I'm hoping that a copy of The Ghost Composer will be available here in the Philippines. (keeping my fingers crossed)

The Ghost Composer

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