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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Gift Ideas 101: Wish Box (Reposted)

Just last year, I was chosen to be one of the godfather of my nephew Rock Kakenzy. I wasn't really sure on what to give back then. I guess most Filipinos would have to agree with me when I say that they would rather give money than to buy toys or clothes specially if they don't have enough time.

Just few days before the event, I came across the Papemelroti store. I saw this cute little box that says Wish Box. I thought it was a nice gift idea and so I immediately bought it. Amazingly, at the counter area, there were these set of lettered stones which gave me another bright idea. I bought letters that will completely spell out my godson's name.

When I got home, I suddenly remembered that I have these parchment papers that I can cut out to fit in the box. I made at least 12 of them then lined each sides with a dull blue colored curicolor pen to put an accent and to match the writings outside of the box. As a start, I used up one parchment paper and wrote my wish for him. Along with it, I included a certain amount of money inside the box and gave it to his mom so she could keep it for him until he grows up. May my wish come true and may he turn out to be a very good gentleman.

Re: I'm so touched by what my cousin said - that she will be giving my gift when my Godson turns 7 because by then, he can think clearly of what his dreams are. I'm sure all of it will come true. :-)

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