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Saturday, August 8, 2009

What a day on 07082009

I just had a great and tiring off last Friday. I never expected that day to be exhausting as it can be. First thing I did was to prepare before leaving the house since I have an annual medical exams to accomplish. Unfortunately, by the time I got in our workplace, the Medicard team were not present as they canceled the August schedule. Before I went to our workplace, I made a visit at Carmelite Monastery to meditate. I've spent a couple of minutes there. I am glad to see friends and relatives along the way within the whole day. Unexpectedly, the first person I saw was my cousin from Guagua, her name is Lady Diane or whom we call Princess. I was first inside the jeepney when I saw her going inside. We talked until she left for her interview in a company inside PhilExel. I also saw Grace David which was a former colleague in eTelecare.

When I finally reached our workplace. Alot of my other colleagues were wondering why I was in there since they knew that my shift schedule was in the graveyard shift. And so I told them my misfortune. I got there at about 9 o'clock in the morning and left for lunch at exactly 12 noon. I never clocked in because I never intended to consider it as an overtime. I also went to my college friend who so happened to work in eTel as well to ask him if he would want to watch G. I. Joe along with our other kabarkada after his shift. And so he said "YES". So I went straight to SM Clark to eat at Kenny Roger's Roasters(alone). I waited for a less than an hour to wait for my best friend Ria. Unknowingly, she was with her college friend Sarah who happened to be a big help regarding my phone. My cell phone is going crazy lately and since Sarah has the same phone as mine, I asked her if she is also experiencing the same issues as mine. She was a damn great cell phone repair woman. She helped me reformat the phone memory of my N73.

After a few minutes of meeting up with Ria and Sarah, we ate Crazy Rolls at Teriyaki Boy. And again when Vic came, we ate at Paotsin. I was literally full and can't eat another batch of foodies. One more thing that I got upset with that day was that when Vic informed me that we will not be pushing through with the plan of watching G. I. Joe. And so we just decided to leave early so that I could finally rest after a long hours of hanging out with friends.

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