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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

..wE're mOrE LucKy

I've watched a pinoy movie a year ago, entitled "pido dida". One of the characters(pido) narrated a story, it was a story about a little boy who happens to be all alone by himself; no family nor relatives. one day he was hungry and he has no money to buy food. And so, he climb up a tree and ate the fresh leaves from the tree. He then said to himself that he was so unfortunate due to his current situation. but when he looked down, he saw another child like him; hopeless and has no one, just like him. The child under the tree was eating withered leaves. The reason why he is eating whithered leaves was because he is unable to climb up the tree due to his foot. His other foot was severly ill. The boy who's up the tree then realized that he was not the most unfortunate due to what he saw.

We should not lose hope for we are not the most unfortunate of all. We should consider ourselves blessed. But let's not forget to be of blessing to others.

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