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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh you poor maya bird

I had a great night last 20th of April 2009. A colleague of mine was with me while waiting for our shuttle service at Clark Main Gate. The rain stopped and suddenly, a maya bird flew to the ground behind my colleague, 
Jane. We actually thought that it was a cockroach but we wondered why it was huge so we took a closer look. We noticed that the bird was wet and unable to fly. It's tail-feathers that are used for navigating flight are so wet.

Since I'm fond of birds, I took it and let it rest on my palm until we reached the premise of our workplace. Upon reaching our workplace, we decided to let it fly as we don't know where to keep it safe. So what I did was to set it free after drying it's feathers. We were in the lawn and it was a bit rainy. Jane blew the back of the bird and voila! the bird flew as high as it can to the tree near us.

When I was a little kid, my mom used to bring me to her hometown in Ebus, Guagua. I used to ask my cousins to help me catch some maya birds so that I have something to take home. Most of the time, we are able to see a female maya bird laying on her eggs to hatch. One time, my cousin gave me three eggs and I brought them home. I was hoping that I could let them hatch. I even remembered that I tried to put them under the sun, but it didn't work.

One Christmas, I found two maya birds inside our house. They were trapped inside my mothers room. I caught them but eventually set them free as well because there's nothing I can do with them.

What I usually do as a child when rainy season comes is to rest inside my room and watch television. Since all the birds gets wet, I wait until they come by my window and I try to catch them. One time, I was able to catch one and put it inside the cage of my hamster. However, my hamster ate one of the bird's leg and eventually died. I was so sorry about what happened so what I did was bury the bird.

There was also another time, it was also raining and a bird came by our window and I tried to catch it. I was wrong in getting it from behind because when the maya bird flew, all of its tail-feathers were plucked from its behind.

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