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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pasta Message 06112013

Today, two of my best buddies went to my cribs to eat dinner and have a nice conversation to keep us up to date with our lives. It was a busy day for me and them as we met after our individual work has finished. I also had to run some errands before meeting up with them.

It was definitely awesome because Yin and Sam finally met each other. Basically, I am their common friend and I simply wanted them to know each other and be friends too. We decided to cook our all time favorite pasta recipé by Victor(our college barkada). Bought the ingredients in Robinson's Supermarket, cooked, ate and stayed up until 8 in the evening in my house. It was nice for Sam to treat us, as he was the one who shed the money for the ingredients.

Thank you Sam for the YUMMY and CREAMY treat! :-)

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