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Saturday, November 9, 2013

I don't WANT-on Noodles Soup 09112013

The first question that would pop out of your mind would definitely be: "Why doesn't he like wanton noodle soup?".

This is why: I don't like wanton noodles soup, because of one reason and that is - a hot wanton noodles soup once slipped and poured out on my pants in Chowking, MarQuee Mall. It was an awfully embarrassing moment for me. For starters, I wasn't even the one who wanted to eat wanton noodles soup. It was my ex's idea to eat such.

When the accident happened, I told her that I'd take care of the situation, talk to the manager as to why the noodle slipped and poured out on my pants. Their crew were too reckless in serving such menu. The soup was overflowing, the cover was firmly stuck due to the vacuum effect of the hot soup inside. She stopped me from filing a complaint and what really made me so angry that day was that, she ordered another bowl of it. I do not understand why some people wouldn't stand for their rights. Sometimes we have to step up and speak out what's on our mind. As long as we are on the right side, no one can beat us. PEACE! :-)

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