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Monday, October 14, 2013

Post birthday celebration 14102013

Just five days after my birthday and few days after deleting and blocking my friend Yin from all social networking sites including on my iPhone, I was surprised to see her in front of our doorstep today bringing this cute cake from Brulee. I got teary-eyed because I never really expected ever see her especially today. Well we had an argument about her not being able to greet me exactly on my birthday. Then the rest is history.

I'm glad that we have reconciled because we really had a lot of issues between the two of us and I wouldn't really want to part ways with her as she have been my closest friend since college. That's more than 11 years of friendship and counting. She and I treat each other as brothers and sisters and also as Yin and Yang. I wouldn't want to experience how life would be if I lose her. Since I've missed her so much, I asked her to stay a bit late and have dinner with me.

When I asked Yin what's the flavor of this cake, she said that she didn't know and that she forgot to ask the cashier. Good thing, my friend Ana saw my Instagram post and told me that this is definitely a "Better Than Sex" cake from Brulee. It is my first time to taste it, but I think "sex is way more better than this cake". PEACE! :-)

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