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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chow To Go, you're my life saver!

Today, my dad went to BIR early in the morning and my mom had severe headache so I was forced to be the storekeeper to our mini convenience store for the whole day. I didn't have breakfast and lunch at all. My stomach was rumbling when I woke up and had LBM. My first aid was Gatorade and it helped along with two slices of Gardenia loaf bread. When it was almost twelve noon, I ate Ridges by Oishi, drank milk, and ate two pieces of tarts. That's what my tummy had until my friend came at 4:30 in the afternoon.

It was already three and I still haven't eaten rice. I texted one of my friends and I guess I got him really worried. After his work, he told me that he'll drop by our house and bring some food with him. I told him "no" but he insisted so I let him. He asked if I want Chow To Go, and I told him to decide.

We ate and I offered him drinks, had a short chat and stayed for almost an hour. I can't thank him enough for dropping by our house to give me something to eat. Well I'm in our mini convenience store and there's a lot of choices to eat, but of course, we don't offer rice meals.

I simply love what friends will do for me in times like these. You're simply the B-E-S-T :-)

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