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Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 2009 | Trip to Singapore

In December 25, 2008, my colleagues and I were celebrating Christmas at work since most Call Centers do not have a holiday off. One of my colleague who was fond of traveling was scouting for her next pit stop. As she visited Cebu Pacific Air's web site, she saw an advertisement for a low cost fare. She told us about and and we decided to take advantage of the sale price for booking a trip to Singapore. We only paid Php540.00 roundtrip fare via Cebu Pacific Air. As a whole including the tax, it was more or less Php2,100.00 only. 

Indeed it was a great must visit and must see vacation spot. We only spent three days, two nights as our work then were strict when it comes to filing a leave. It was a good thing though that I managed to file a two day leave ahead of the others. 

It was my first time to experience flying via an airplane. The experience was so memorable that I still can feel the exact thing that I felt the very moment that the airplane took off. I'm glad I was able to conquer my fear of heights and was able to enjoy the whole trip at the same time. 

Though the flight that was available was only during night from here and from there, I still somehow enjoyed the view from the sky. It was so quiet and enjoying as most people then were asleep while you were up there, flying.

Three days and two nights were not enough. I'm still looking forward in visiting Singapore anytime soon. Some of the places that we were able to visit were: Singapore Zoo, Sentosa, Siloso Beach, Fountain of Wealth, and of course the Merlion; which was unfortunately under construction the time that we were there.

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