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Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is an old post from my old blog in AOL:
Just before I woke up, I was having a nightmare, not the most frightening, but it was scary though. Well, around 10 P.M., I kinda woke up due to the noises I heard in our backyard. It's as if someone was trying to rob our house. And it may somehow affected my way of thinking and I had a nightmare.
My bed is near the window and I don't close them even when I am sleeping because fresh air is blewn into my room. The air is even better than that of having an airconditoning unit.
Well, it started as if someone tried to choke me with his hands. He had sharp nails and thumb like of the witches. He tried to press his thumb harder to my throat. As far as I know, when someone is having a nightmare, they are half asleep and half awake. So I am kinda aware that it's not the real thing. So I tried to remove his hands off me but I really struggled. I couldn't ask for help though, coz everyones sleeping. But eventually, I managed to take his hands off me and thank God I finally woke up or else...

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