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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Piano - what drives me

It has been always a blessing to me whenever I hear someone play the piano. This April 2009, I was able to watch a concert on TV of a Korean pianist who was on a tour for a foundation called "Beautiful Children". She was handicapped but awesome, considering she only has two fingers with each hands and with her feet not touching the pedals since she has dwarfism syndrome. She's also unbelievable, passionate and has a good spirit. I was startled on how she plays the piano with her 4 fingers. More so when she sang the song "Anak" by Freddie Aguilar and she nailed it along with the piano.

I am glad that I can also play the piano and I want to be a part of a piano concert. Self study is what I do at home. For four months, I studied playing the keyboard at Notes and Rhythm located at Miranda St. Angeles City. I had the privilege to be taught by the best and well - known music mentor in town. I love the way she teach her students. She usually play another instrument like violin while her student is playing. Now that I am no longer enrolled at her school, I make sure that I am able to practice my piano or keyboard skills whenever I have spare time.

The two persons that inspires me most in loving and playing the piano are my friend io(short for his nickname) and yin(that's what I call her). Back in 2005, I received a present from yin, it was a piece that she played over the phone for roughly three minutes. I don't remember the title of the said piece but what I could remember is that it was really nice of her to play a piece for me for my birthday. That was one of the most valuable presents that I received since birth. My other friend io has not given me anything like yin's but I was amazed to know that he can also play the piano. These two friends of mine always keeps the passion inside me. That is why I became passionate in learning how to play the keyboard or the piano.

What I love the most about the piano is that it's classic unlike the keyboard wherein you can play around with the rhythm etc. I remember when my mentor asks me to play with the rhythm, I stutter.

I'm not musically inclined but I can say that I am beginning to be like it. I keep bugging my mom if she could buy me a piano, but I guess I have to wait until I save enough money to get one. I kind of regret not buying the roll-up piano that I saw in Singapore. It only costs S$48 and that would only be about Php1488 in peso. My friend yin was also wanting one, but she doesn't have any money to buy one.

Fastforward.. I was amazed when I heard my mom saying that she will be putting me at music school again. My mom said that she has a friend that can help me with the piano or keyboard lesson. I though am a bit feeling awkward because I'm uncomfortable with that setup. It sounded more complicated because the friend that she was talking about was also one of the former student of my mentor. But I guess that will never happen coz' both of us are busy.

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