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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A reason to celebrate 21092013

Few people knew what was it that I'm celebrating today. I'll probably leave the guess upon you. Whatever the reason maybe, what's important is how happy I have been. Yes, I was not celebrating with the person I'm expecting to go with me, but a close friend filled in, and cared to celebrate - probably on behalf of that right person(perhaps).

My friend and I went to Marquee Mall and Cisan's to unwind, chill, and indulge ourselves with luscious food and drinks. He invited me over to watch Insidious: Chapter 2 because he got very curious as to why the movie became a trending topic in social networking sites. In fact, he have not watched the first installment of the movie so I had to explain some of the scenes which he didn't understand. Just yesterday, I had to finish watching the movie so I can relate to the story of the movie we're going to watch.

The movie was great. As my friend told me, he'd give it 7/10 rating. With all the inter looping stories behind the lady in black, the mother, Elisse, Josh, it would somehow challenge your mind and would find yourself asking - WHY? What's funny is I caught him shouting "Ay P*TA ka"(which is "You B*TCH" in english) three times within the duration of the movie. I was like having thoughts behind my back, it really is that scary eh?!

After watching, we headed straight to Cisan's located at Don Juan Nepomuceno Street, it's one of the establishments that I visit every now and then to dine in. We tried out Pad Thai, Chicken Barbecue, and Mango Slush. It probably is pricey, but the food is definitely worth the try. You'll surely love the food on the menu. Try it when you have time!

I was somehow embarrassed because he said he'll treat me tonight. I guess I will have to pay it forward and pay my debt of gratitude next time. PEACE! :-)

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