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Sunday, July 5, 2009

..pOor sHelBy

I've had this dog named Shelby, as seen in the picture. She's a labrador given to us by my dad's colleague. She's very beautiful, and I like stroking her golden fur, and cute stance. This picture reminds me the day before she got very sick which led to her death.

I named this dog Shelby because it so happened that I was watching the series Smallville wherein the episode was about two dogs, one named Shelby and the other one whom I forgot the name. One more cool thing about it is, they were injected crushed meteorite which make them really strong, as in they can destroy steel in no time. In the said episode, they were used the robbers to scare their victim and get the safety deposit box of the stores that they are to rob. Well, of course i didn't name my dog Shelby for that reason. haha!

I wish I still have her at home. Some people that I know, and that my mom knows gave us puppies us well, but they are just street dogs, I love them but unfortunately, they died as well. :-(

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